Spirit Talk

We take the time to speak with each person so we know how we can best make their drum.  We talk about the prayers that they have for their life, and the spiritual traditions, totem animals, colors, patterns and other things that they are connected to.  We meet for as long as is needed to gain an understanding of how to create a drum that speaks to their heart.

Drum Making


After speaking with each person we begin the drum making process.  We use skins and frames from a small company in Washington state.  It has always been important that the animals that give their lives to provide the skins that we use are not raised with the intention of being killed.  Every drum is made in meditation where we make sure we are holding the intentions and prayers of the person we are working with.



Before we start we encourage everyone to find and send us images that inspire them.  This helps us piece together the colors and visual elements needed to create your painting.  With this, we begin sketching.  Things can get lost in words so it's important to find the right image before we start painting.  Once the sketch is finalized we draw it on the drum and send a photo over to you for final confirmation before any paint touches the skin.



Every drum is painted in meditation, furthering the connection between the drum and the intentions of the person who will care for it.  We like to send updates on the painting as it develops so we make sure that the image is going in the right direction.  A lot of our designs include the unpainted skin of the drum so it is important that we are clear with how to create the painting.  Once the painting is finished, it is sealed with a clear matte finish, blessed with sacred herbs, and sent to its new caretaker.